Summer in a Glass

First, a confession: I actually really like winter. I like the briskness, and snow, and snuggling under a zillion layers. I often joke that my seasonal affective disorder is the reverse of most peoples: during the summer, I wilt and grow increasingly sluggish. My whole self shuts down in the heat. In the winter, I am ALIVE!

But even for die-hard winter lovers like myself, there comes a time when the soul needs a pick-me-up. For that, I suggest this:


It’s a glass of prosecco, with frozen strawberries in it. Prosecco is a dry, sparkling Italian wine much like champagne. I purchased myself a bottle for New Years Eve festivities (aka, me, at home with my family, eating spinach artichoke dip with Ryan Seacrest) and then the next day, decided I could use a little fruity pick-me-up with the somewhat less bubbly leftovers.

It is divine, and I recommend it. Put the frozen strawberries into the chilled wine and it melts and gets sludgy and the wine become punk and fruitfully fragrant. At the end of the glass, you have a delicious treat!


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