Pizza and Parenting

Happy New Year!
It’s been over a month since I last posted! A month! Crazy!
I pondered this blog over the past month. Why, for example, was it so hard to post?
I realized something…I need to write about what I am thinking. Even if it isn’t food. And when I wasn’t thinking about food…I am not posting.
So much for a focused theme type blog, oh my three readers out there. It just isn’t my style.
Mostly, these days,I think about two things: pizza, and parenting.
I am only slightly kidding about the pizza. But not at all about the parenting piece. 18 months in, I have a lot of thoughts, feelings, questions, and experiences.
I also still love to cook. I have taught my child to love to cook too (so far) which is great! She asks, “Mamma, more cooking?”
That being said, the focus of this blog is going to expand. There will still be food, but also about parenting and those thoughts and challenges and experiences. We all need support. This is also in response to the loads of positive feedback I got on my “Guilt Free Saturdays” pieces.
See, when the people speak, I listen.

So, not to deviate from the food piece too much, here is what I am making for dinner tonight for my toddler and I:
Turkey deli roll-ups (roast turkey deli meat rolled with garlic hummus and guacamole, both packaged, and yes, she eats this)
Steamed broccoli
cheesy zucchini quinoa -I have this pinned on my Pinterest recipe board-which you should all follow, btw-and I want to make it, like, now)

It’s my resolution to cook recipes this year, as a hobby, like I used to. Also to blog, and write, as I hobby, like I used to. See where this is going?
What is your favorite weekday meal?


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