I ate this!

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to escape with my love for a little R&R-and some EPIC eats. What is vacation without some culinary indulgence?

Delicious Pizza cooked in a wood fired oven at The Flatbread Company. (A great recommendation from a friend!)

French fries fried in DUCK FAT from Duckfat. We also ate churros fried in duck fat with a salted duck fat caramel and a spicy chocolate sauce that was actually hot.

And Moxie. We were in Maine, after all.

While on the way home, we had to eat some seafood. For me, this was a jumbo lobster roll from Bob’s Clam Hut.
At this point, it was good we were on our way home, because our bellies ached.

But what’s a little fried food every now again? And where around here can I get myself some delicious, organic, duck fat…


2 thoughts on “I ate this!

  1. Crazina

    Render your own duck fat from some good locally raised organic ducks! Roasting the duck with give you incredible drippings that you can use later, and a juicy roast duckling with crispy skin.


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