In Search of the Great Pumpkin…food

In New England, with the advent of autumn, comes the onslaught of all things pumpkin. Candles, cookies, muffins, cakes, and…coffee.

Due to my current lack of time or motivation to be a domestic goddess, I thought I would share for you my quest for the perfect fall pumpkin product. Particularly since, last fall, that quest drove me to purchase, but never bake, the ingredients for a divine sounding pumpkin cream cheese muffin.
My thirst for this seasonal specialty led me first to the great purveyor of caffiene- Dunkin Donuts. And so, I share with you, an open letter to Dunkin Donuts in which I offer feedback on their pumpkin offerings.
Dear Dunkin Donuts,
Thank you for offering such a plethora of pumpkin products. It was with an eager palate that I purchased myself a hot pumpkin latte and a pumpkin munchkin.
The latte smelled divine. Unfortunately, upon first gulp, I found myself gagging. It was frighteningly sweet. Shockingly sweet, actually. Moreover, it tasted like a candle. If I wanted to drink a pumpkin harvest candle, I would head over to Yankee Candle, buy one, and imbibe the wax. I have long held, since my days of being tortured by endless brewings of Pumpkin Spice Coffee, that coffee and pumpkin do not belong together. You have proven me correct. Secondly, it was a more like a “spice and extra extra sugar” flavored coffee. I get that pumpkin really doesn’t have much flavor, but whoa, in this latte, it was nowhere to be found.
About the munchkin: inside, was a lovely orange swirl. I am assuming this was to give it more pumpkin flair. Well it was flashy, but it did NOT, in any way, taste like pumpkin. Making things orange does not immediately make them taste like pumpkin. You may have well called it a cantaloupe munchkin.
Still thirsting for pumpkin,
Spicy Pepita


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