What a Crock! Part Two-Mergers and Acquisitions

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Fear not, I have not deserted you.
Quite frankly, I was very busy and haven’t been so much cooking and eating as opening packages and surviving on my daughter’s half finished apples and extra lunches at my school.
Confession: In 24 hours, I ate an entire bag of Snyder’s bacon and cheddar pretzel bites. I ate them for dinner, breakfast the next day, and then for a snack after school.

They are divine, I admit.
Also, the bag never left my car.
This long tangent is to say that I didn’t really cook anything blog-able, but instead ate delicious frightfully salty things while driving as meals.
But I remembered my promise to you, dear readers, and purchased…..

A crock pot!

I chose this particular model for two reasons:
1. It was Crock Pot brand. I figure, why mess with the original.
2. It was super cheap.

What, this is not scientific enough for you? If not, I direct you to the Cook’s Illustrated Slow Cooker Reviews. They always provide good reviews and have never led me astray.
But if you want a super cheap one, go to Ocean State Job Lot. Seriously.

Then, of course, I had to cook something in it!
So I bought Bob’s Red Mill 13 Bean Soup.

I chose this because it was one aisle over at Ocean State Job Lot. Which, by the way, is a FANTASTIC source of discounted organic food.

I cooked the beans on warm for about five hours in low-sodium chicken broth with a pound of fresh spinach mixed in.

This is not really a recipe.
I have been mixing them in to things all week long.
I figure it is nutritional recovery from The Bacon Cheddar Pretzel Binge.

I mixed them into tomato sauce, over whole wheat pasta.
I cooked them down with some quinoa I had frozen to make soup.
I ate them as is, because I was hungry.
I fed them to my child, who loves beans.
I plan on making one more soup with chives and Swiss chard from my garden and slamming the rest into some chili.
This bag makes a Mother Load of beans.
Moving forward…there is a free slow cooker e-book through Amazon Prime, and some reader emails have come in with suggestions.
We’ll see if slow and steady truly wins the race.


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