What a Crock-Part 1

Several people, both cyber and real-life, have asked me for crock pot recipes. Their faces bright
and hopeful, they said, “I love your blog! You should do some great crock pot recipes for the fall!”

“Sure!” I cheerily replied.
“Sh*!” I said inside my head.

You see, dear readers, here is the truth-at the moment, I do not even own a crock pot.
I did, until about a month ago, own a true vintage crock pot. Much like this one:

I owned this crock pot because it belonged to my grandparents. My mom gave it to me, saying, “Do you want this? I never use it,” about seven years ago. I never say no to a kitchen gadget, so I took it. It weighed about 1,000 pounds and had a glass lid. It soon found its way to the shelf above my cabinets. I used it, intermittently, over the years. Each time I almost fractured my skull getting it down.

I was never motivated to use it. Each recipe I tried came out, well, tasting like crock pot. Flat, soggy, one note.

Then, I became a mother. A mommy friend told me to use it to make baby food. This was a GENIUS plan. Five pounds of baby food at one whack, and I could store it in the same container I made it in.

When going back to work, I was like, dang it, I am going to use this crock pot, I am so BUSY, you know, being a working mom and all. And besides, now it is on my counter.

This time I did more research. I turned to what I had learned is the real crock pot treasure chest-Women’s Magazines. You know, the ones they display at the check out at Wal-Mart that say things on the cover like, “Walk off the weight!” next to a picture of a giant frosted cake. They almost always have one that says, “100 new crock pot recipes!”

I found one for a white chicken chile that had things I liked in it, including Ro-tel, which is like a crock pot chili must-have ingredient. This recipe turned out better than others, but was still a snooze alarm in flavor town.

With all these epic fails, and my baby moving on to non-liquified food, it was with relief I gave it to my brother about a month ago, while he was helping me move. “Skull fracture averted,” I thought with relief. Besides, he seemed enthused about owning it. It’s vintage, after all.

But now, I have to answer to those who want-need-crock pot recipes.

Secondly, I have to find a recipe that makes something that does not taste like liquid crock pot.
I have seen crock pot recipes where you brown ingredients first-in the crock pot- and then cook it for like 8,000 hours, but honestly, I can do that in my cast iron Dutch oven on my stove. Isn’t the point of crock pot cooking to throw it all in, turn it on, and then be like BAM I am home from work and dinner is ready?

So it is with these noble aims, dear reader, that I take up this torch. Crock pot cooking! May the odds be ever in my favor.
Off to the store…


One thought on “What a Crock-Part 1

  1. Harrison Street - Let's talk shop.

    i just made swedish meatballs on sunday in my crockpot. they actually came out pretty good. i used grass fed beef and a swedish meatball mix from the grocery store – so i didnt have to add any spices on my own. i even used a can of beef gravy. at first the smell made me like, uh… no. but after about 6 hours, i was like oh… yea! i love using my crockpot but it is hard to find recipes for them that doesnt include cheese. so i feel ya on this one…


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