Pass the salt.

I love to cook, but here is a secret- I am both busy and lazy. I am a working mom, and I like to eat real food for dinner. It is also important to me to feed my baby good food, and I am working hard to set a good example. So, gone are the days-okay, who am I kidding, the MONTHS- of cheese quesadillas for dinner.
That is when I say, bring on the secret ingredient! Make my dinner special! Keep me motivated so I don’t hit the drive-thru!
Pasta is the next quickest thing to drive-thru, and seasonal ingredients make for a fantastic pasta sauce. I amped mine up tonight with my new favorite sprinkle-applewood smoked sea salt.
Applewood smoked sea salt adds a smoky, outdoor flavor to a skillet based sauce. It is a shortcut to slow grilling or roasting vegetables to get that charcoal-grill flavor. It is also tremendous on meat.
We found it at a local gourmet store, but it is available on the internets here applewood smoked sea salt

Here is the recipe I used to make this late summer tomato sauce:
Many tomatoes, preferably from your or someone else’s yard-I used two baseball sized tomatoes and about six cherry tomatoes
3/4 of a green pepper
1cup of pre-boiled cauliflower (you can use raw if you want, but boiling it first makes it absorb more sauce flavor)
A good glug of olive oil-about a tablespoon
A teaspoon of applewood smoked sea salt.
Four servings of your favorite pasta-mine is thin spaghetti.

Pour the olive oil into a skillet. Set your pasta water to boil.
Chop the green peppers into thin strips, and throw them in the skillet. Turn on the skillet to begin cooking the peppers. I used medium on my stove. You want a good sizzle but don’t burn them!
Chop the tomatoes into large pieces however you like. I mean, we are LAZY, people! Just get them in the pan!
Throw them in the pan.
Chop the cauliflower. Throw that in too.
Check the pasta.
Stir your sauce and add the salt. This will draw water out of your veggies and make it saucier.
Throw in the pasta and cook according to directions on the box. Cook your sauce at a vigorous bubble while your pasta cooks.

When your pasta is done, so is the sauce. Drain the pasta, throw it into the skillet and turn of the heat. Toss it together well, and serve!
Imagine a photo of pasta with sauce here.
I don’t have one because….I was hungry!



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